From Ordinary to Extraordinary

TMG Systems, Inc. is the leader of innovative, cost-effective sound, lighting, and video design and integration solutions. We provide our customers with a full turn-key solution from inception of their project idea to installation. Our capabilities are vast:

  • Video Systems Integration and Design
  • Architectural and Theatrical Lighting and Design
  • Automation, Interfaces, Control Systems and Design
  • Digital Signage Content Creation and Management
  • Hospitality and Retail Systems and Design
  • Certified Programmers


Our staff has the experience and expertise necessary to fabricate a system design that is customer oriented and solution focused. With all of our projects, regardless of size, TMG Systems provides the following steps for a solution focused system design:

  1. Defining the Problem - After extensive written, verbal, and visual collaboration with our client, we will define the problem(s) and preliminary solutions in order to improve the overall functioning of the system.
  2. Product Research - We research all of the necessary components for the system design and obtain the information needed to ensure a cost-effective and technologically sound system design. Creating written reviews, conducting consultations with the manufacturer, and researching information on current market products and trends are just some of the ways that our staff ensures complete and accurate research is completed for our clients.
  3. Analyzing Set Criteria - Characteristics are established from experience, research, market studies, and customer preferences. Solutions are compared on a qualitative basis with evaluation of the appearance, durability, and cost. The importance of each characteristic is agreed upon by our team of engineers in order to find the best solutions to the problem.
  4. Alternative Solutions - A list of the potential solutions is completed for each project and includes detailed pros and cons for each solution. Our engineers will create a checklist of characteristics for each of the possible solutions to ensure that the final solution is the best and most cost-effective for the project. All possible alternative solutions are analyzed to determine their full potential. Using key system engineering principles, the engineers analyze the potential performance of the solution to determine if the solution is physically possible and economically practical.