About Us

Our Mission

We strive to deliver innovative and cost-effective sound, lighting, and video design and integration solutions within an ever-changing technological market.

The goal and intention of user interface design is to allow the user's interaction with the product to be a simple and efficient experience. TMG Systems creates interface designs that are tailored to meet the customer's needs and to exceed the user's expectations. Consideration of the following is an integral part of our interface design process for each project:

Consistency - It is important to ensure that the user interface works consistently each and every time. Consistency in a user interface allows for the users to understand and simply operate complex multi-media systems.

User Friendly Navigation - If it is difficult for the users to navigate from one screen to another, it is likely that they will become frustrated and ultimately not use the product. When the flow between screens matches the flow of the task that the user is attempting to accomplish, the system will be easily understood by the users, which will create an increased use of the product. Not all users work or think in the same way. With that in mind, our interface design is created to be flexible and to support the various approaches used by the user.

Intuitive Design - Our interface design assists the users to effectively operate the system regardless of their knowledge of the product. If the users do not know how to operate the system properly, they are able to make "educated guesses," and our system will provide reasonable results which are easy to understand and also function as a potential learning tool for the user.